The First Hunt EP

by Badgerhunt

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mixed and mastered by Jesse Bader and Tommy Pini


released September 12, 2011



all rights reserved


Badgerhunt St Charles, Missouri

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Track Name: 1 Fish 2 Fish Crawfish Swordfish
look for shelter watch out for badgers your beard will grow no grass to mow out here though with no one I'm stranded time to ponder where does dirt come from meet me at the smelly rock can cactus think or even walk desolation can be fun with out soup or honey buns maybe you should try this maybe this is better i say get lost.
Track Name: Three Six Mafia
i heard you in my thoughts again let there be light i think the best when I'm in my bed let there be light the pillow holds my thoughts tight let there be light dreams of when we sat in your room my minds so filled with colors of a brilliant nature i opened my eyes where are you where are you i promise this time ill be as silent as the paintings in your room ill be as silent as when we woke up together that morning i just want to hear you say.
Track Name: B.T.O
down set hike the first time i saw you sittin in class hamburger eyes nappin' cats of the neighborhood streets white grey fur with nowhere to sleep with sperrys on my feet got places to be steelin artwork out of the trash bacon lettuce Torrence BLT do you play drums? yeah oh yeah yeah heck yes i do karen and jeff Torrence best parents to raise a kid.
Track Name: Fell Asleep With A Harmonica In My Mouth
Track Name: A Song To Remember
here we go again another waste of time find a place to sit open space is hard to find the clock is right here we go on the road its a beautiful sight everybody's gone I've been here so long its a beautiful sight they left me in they left me in the dark wohhh dad? I'm here son.
Track Name: Ricky's Diner
horrible talent fills the web voices of unpleasant tone fills my head now you're the one that everyones pointing their finger at reactions from the public mass this all happened way to fast your tears are filling my pity towards your atrocious video thats not nice to say even though its true where did the talent go reactions from the public mass this all happened way to fast.
Track Name: Orlando Bloom and Onions
hey spaceman what's your name you look like fun life's just begun we can swim in a river you say you're all all alone that sounds a lot like me this was meant to be (can we be best friends?) this was meant to be (can we be friends?) this was meant to be (can we be best friends?) this was meant to be meant to be BESTBUDS :]